Breaking ground and molecules

A better way to produce green hydrogen

Green hydrogen
from renewable energy

The future of global decarbonisation

We do not use electrolysers. CATAGEN generate
green hydrogen using patented recirculating gas reactor technology.

Renewable energy powers the ClimaHtech HGEN to produce green hydrogen with no harmful byproducts.

This multi-stage thermochemical process splits water in a more energy efficient way than standard methods.

Water and renewable energy in, hydrogen and oxygen out


It’s viewed as a fuel to meet today’s energy demands for power generation, mobility, industry and heating to transition to a decarbonised world.

  • To power solid oxide fuel cells to provide electricity for electric vehicles and electronic devices
  • To power hydrogen fuel cell vehicles such as cars or buses
  • To achieve full transport decarbonisation when converted into other zero-carbon fuels for shipping and aviation
  • To power industry
  • To power homes via gas pipelines

Green hydrogen can be produced locally by any country with renewable energy resources providing energy security. Energy efficient production of green hydrogen is a key challenge for the Hydrogen economy.  It’s currently expensive to produce at scale, to transport and to store however…

Green hydrogen could become a US$10 trillion addressable market by 2050 according to Goldman Sachs.  (Forbes) 

Cost effective and scalable clean energy


Driven by a clear purpose to clean and decarbonise the air, CATAGEN are harnessing their knowledge and capability to deliver new climate technologies for generating green hydrogen and efuels.

Green Hydrogen is produced from 100% renewable energy and produces zero carbon emissions.



renewable energy



carbon emissions

(in development – patent protected)

CATAGEN is developing a Green Hydrogen solution based on its core competencies, skilled team and patented technologies.

This project combines CATAGEN’s recirculating gas reactor technology to create a production machine for high-efficiency green hydrogen production. The process uses water as the net feedstock and renewable electricity enabling zero-carbon Green Hydrogen production.

There are no electrolysers used in this process; the proposed CATAGEN Green Hydrogen Generator uses a multi-stage thermochemical process in a recirculating reactor to split water with an energy cost of less than 55 kWh/kgH2. In addition, the proposed solution has an estimated CO2 saving of 2.8 kgCO2/kgH2 during production compared to electrolysis.

The output of the project will mean green hydrogen can be produced with reduced energy input, reduced operating costs and lower capital expenditure compared to conventional methods.

Further efficiencies are possible due to the high thermal inertia proposed with such a system, allowing maximum energy utilisation from fluctuating power supplies.

This means renewable energy can be better utilised for hydrogen production and the cost of production reduced. As experts in recirculating gas reactor technology CATAGEN is ideally placed to develop this technology taking it through to production.



ClimaHtech BIOHGEN uses CATAGEN’s proprietary technology to produce cost-
effective low carbon bio-hydrogen from a waste biomass source. This energy
efficient approach can facilitate the early adoption of low carbon hydrogen and
accelerate the route to a Net Zero hydrogen economy.  Bio CO2 is a valuable by-
product of the process.

Compressor (Hydrogen Storage)


Alongside production, CATAGEN is developing the ClimaHtech Compressor, a
high-pressure hybrid pumping system for hydrogen storage and dispensing.  Current
methods are relatively inefficient, expensive to manufacture and display various
operational issues in use, such as long duty cycles and overheating.

CATAGEN’s ClimaHtech COMPRESSOR maximises available fuel usage and
has improved thermal efficiency, contributing to lower capital costs.

ClimaHtech CAPTURE


ClimaHtech CAPTURE uses low grade waste heat to capture CO2 resulting in very low operating costs.  Designed to work alongside ClimaHtech HGEN to provide both green hydrogen and the CO2 required to produce E-fuel, ClimaHtech CAPTURE can also be used to remove CO2 for other purposes.

Unlocking the power of green energy


Let’s drive innovation forward together.