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We provide ageing services and testing to help Catalyst Manufacturers meet emissions targets faster and with higher accuracy and flexibility. Our process delivers accurate and reproducible outcomes for Full Useful Life (FUL) and OBD Limits ageing.

Following significant R&D, we use our proprietary toolset (that has unrivalled levels of repeatability, accuracy and control globally) to provide our partners with unique data so they can develop their vehicles with the best calibration and thus optimised emissions.

flexible catalyst ageing


CATAGEN conduct all Catalyst Ageing and Characterisation at full scale on engine after-treatment systems using internationally patented technology; a Synthetic Gas Recirculating Reactor. The CATAGEN OMEGA & OMICRON Test Vehicles and the CATAGEN facility are approved by the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) and Applus IDIADA for Accelerated Catalyst Ageing.  We have also supported OEMs with type approval for the US (EPA & CARB), Indian and Chinese regulators.

The CATAGEN Toolset can track the ageing experience in real time using the proprietary CATAGEN Ageing Metric. This metric can be used to quantify the total ageing experience for comparisons, test design and degradation history for physical and virtual development of aged parts. We can match your desired catalyst bed temperatures, emissions and mass flows exactly.  Where possible, eliminating fuel expenditure and CO2 emissions.



      • The CATAGEN toolset was used to generate catalyst hardware aged equivalently to a bespoke customer ageing protocol, with the added benefit of a reduction in ageing time.
      • This can have a positive impact on the number of hours needed to age the catalyst and the associated cost reduction
      • However, we had to be sure that speeding up the process will not affect the quality of our services and our data.


      • The CATAGEN toolset, specifically the CATAGEN Ageing Metric, was used to quantify the bespoke customer ageing experience.
      • An equivalent CATAGEN ageing cycle was specified and executed with industry leading control and repeatability.


      • The CATAGEN Ageing Metric was used to specify the ageing approach with a 25% time reduction over the customer cycle (295 hours vs 400+ hours).
      • We achieved it in a shorter timeframe than on the customer test bench, due to increased ageing temperatures and extended, uninterrupted ageing phases (up to 175 hours per phase  in this case).
      • Ageing was complete with high repeatability and accuracy on the OMEGA test vehicle, with catalyst equivalency validated on the customer test bench.


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