We help OEMs meet emissions targets faster and with higher accuracy and flexibility with our unique OMEGA technology which can replicate engine flow rates, temperatures and gas compositions for any kind of engine. Accredited by UK Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) and Applus IDIADA.


Contact us to find out more about our aftertreatment services for GENSETS including: 

  • Accelerated Bench Ageing

  • Characterisation
  • Diesel Cycles

  • DPFs
  • R&D Ageing
  • Poisoning 
  • Destructive Analysis
  • Modelling & Simulation


CATAGEN conduct all catalyst Ageing and Characterisation at full scale on engine aftertreatment systems using internationally patented technology; a Synthetic Gas Recirculating Reactor. The CATAGEN OMEGA & OMICRON Test Vehicles and the CATAGEN facility are approved by the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) and Applus IDIADA for Accelerated Catalyst Ageing.  We have also supported OEMs with type approval for the US (EPA & CARB), Indian and Chinese regulators.

The CATAGEN Toolset can track the ageing experience in real time using the proprietary CATAGEN Ageing Metric. This metric can be used to quantify the total ageing experience for comparisions, test design and degradation history for physical and virtual development of aged parts.   We can match your desired catalyst bed temperatures, emissions and mass flows exactly.  Where possible, eliminating fuel expenditure and CO2 emissions.


Legislation is becoming more stringent against emissions from diesel GENSETS.  Challenges include:

  • Diesel PN (Particle Number) limits and diesel particulate filters (DPFs)
  • Reduced Fuel consumption or alternative e-fuels such as hydrogen fuel cells
  • CO2 reporting 
  • NOx Levels
  • PEMs Testing (Portable Emissions Measurement System)

CATAGEN can provide tailored services to help you meet the challenges above and meet emissions standards.


The Standard Emissions Limit Value (ELV) for nitrogen oxides is 190mg/Nm3. This Standard ELV is applicable to all generator technologies and fuels. It should also be noted that where secondary abatement is required to reduce NOx levels (i.e SCR), the ELV must be met within 20 minutes of starting.


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