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CATAGEN can provide Catalyst Ageing Services for any size of vehicle including recreational vehicles, jetskis, snowmobiles, off-highway motorcycles, ATVs (all terrain vehicles) including: 

  • Accelerated Bench Ageing

  • R&D ageing such as high-rate poisoning or high temperature to examine washcoat


For the next few years Euro 6/VI standards will remain but, because of the more onerous testing regimes, engine emissions must improve to meet existing targets


  • The problem for motorhomes is the majority are diesel-powered. Diesels produce 15% less CO2 than equivalent petrol vehicles, but they can emit four times more nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and 22 times more particulate matter.  New EU standards now require diesel particulate filters to be placed.
  • Environmental concerns and fluctuating prices of diesel and gasoline and the move to electrification.
  • Meeting standards for FUL – Full Useful Life
  • Real Driving Emissions (RDE) testing, which involves a vehicle being driven on the road within a set of parameters (speed, temperature, altitude, etc) while emissions are measured and evaluated. 
  • Development issues with the ageing process 
  • Not having the capability/knowledge on representative catalyst ageing

CATAGEN can provide tailored services to help you meet the challenges above and meet emissions standards.



Manufacturers are required to meet increasingly stringent levels of legislation with regard to aftertreatment performance for the full life of their vehicles. Performance emulation historically takes the form of a combustion process to deliver an accelerated ageing profile. Some of the challenges include: 

  • Large amount of Fossil Fuel to age a single aftertreatment system
  • CO2 footprint
  • Energy Efficiency



Catagen’s services utilise the OMEGA patented technology during the ageing and analysis process to deliver step change gains in these keys areas.

  • Recirculating Reactor – Catagen’s patented recirculating reactor offers a fuel-efficient alternative to conventional methods. We don’t use a combustion process.
  • Emission Reduction



CATAGEN has consistently delivered projects to customers that have demonstrated significant reduction in fuel usage, delivering up to a 98% improvement on CO2 emissions footprint with over 70% less energy used overall.

Fuel and energy efficiencies also deliver a significant difference to the bottom line of project costs.


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