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CATAGEN employs our proprietary OMEGA technology, an advanced synthetic recirculating gas reactor designed for accelerated durability testing of industrial catalysts and reformer catalysts used in such applications such as Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) and petroleum refinery. 

We can adapt the catalyst inlet conditions encompassing mass flow rate, temperature, and gas composition, CATAGEN revolutionises catalyst testing.  

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to handle natural gas and features de-sulfurization units to effectively mitigate sulfur. 

Notably, our facility has been granted approval for the controlled utilisation and management of hydrogen throughout the testing processes.  

Central to our capabilities, the OMEGA reactor boasts patented technology enabling recirculation rates of up to 75%. When combined with dual catalyst testing, this innovative approach empowers our partners to achieve substantial cost savings by optimising gas consumption during testing. 

The reformer testing sector encounters several challenges, each demanding solutions for the industry’s advancement: 

Insufficient Data on Catalyst Reformer Longevity:

A prevailing challenge lies in the scarcity of catalyst reformers that have reached their useful life, typically around 10 years. Understanding the reformer’s performance over this extended duration is crucial for optimising its efficiency and durability. 

Elevated Gas Usage Costs During Lengthy Ageing Phases:

Ageing phases, often spanning more than 1000’s of hours, contribute to substantial gas consumption. The associated cost implications create a hurdle for efficient and cost-effective testing methodologies. 

Accelerating Time to Market:

Reducing the time required for testing and validation without compromising accuracy is pivotal in gaining a competitive edge. 

In response to these challenges, innovative approaches are imperative to drive the reformer testing sector forward, enhance cost efficiencies, and expedite product development timelines. 


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