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CATAGEN Webinar Series

At CATAGEN our team has over 70 years combined experience with Catalyst Ageing and extensive knowledge of the challenges industries face meeting emissions legislation.

Our webinars take a look at key industry issues, how these impact OEMs and offers efficient and cost-effective solutions. It is also an opportunity to ask our panel any questions and we encourage an open discussion at the end of each session.

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Our upcoming webinar will showcase how the utilisation of our electrically powered gas recirculating reactor, known as The OMEGA, enables OEMs to attain consistent and dependable aged catalysts, thereby reducing development and homologation time effectively.



Did you miss the latest webinar on EU7 & Aftertreatmant challenges, discussing how CATAGEN’s expertise and advanced Catalyst ageing technology can help.

You can view the recording by clicking the button below 

You can now access the recording of this webinar by clicking the button below. 

Our Panel discussed Reformer & Emissions Catalyst Ageing using CATAGEN’s recirculating Gas Reactor- The Omega. 

You can now access the recording of this webinar by clicking the button below.

Our Panel discussed the necessity for accelerated ageing and how CATAGEN’s Omega – a gas recirculating gas reactor can help to reduce risk and create bespoke cycle development.

Meet Our Panellists

Dr. Kurtis Irwin

VP of Global Catalysis, Kurtis is UKRI Future leaders fellowship award recipient with nearly a decade of experience in catalyst ageing.

Dr. Andrew Pedlow

Principal Engineer with a Ph.D focusing on automotive catalysis, possessing, over 10 years experience of Catalyst ageing and after- treatment systems.

Professor Roy Douglas

Possessing over 40 years’ experience in the area of engine research and development, systems modelling and automotive aftertreatment.

Ryan Burke

Senior Engineer, specialising in aftertreatment testing with over 5 years experience and possessing a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Liam McGrane

Senior Engineer, currently undertaking a Ph.D focused on characterisation of automotive catalysts. Liam has written and presented numerous papers on Catalyst ageing.

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