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Join our expanding team of innovators and technical professionals in delivering solutions that have an impact on our purpose to clean and decarbonise the air.

Industrial Software Engineer

Position Responsibilities:

  • Design and develop software systems for
    industrial equipment and machinery control,
    monitoring, and automation.
    • Create software architecture plans, interface
    controls, system models, and integration
    • Program PLCs, HMIs, SCADA systems,
    robots, IoT devices, and other industrial
    software platforms.
    • Write code to interface instrumentation,
    sensors, drives, and other hardware with
    software systems.


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Electrical/ Electronic Engineer

Position Responsibilities:

  • Design, program, and test PLC, embedded
    device, and industrial automation systems.
  • Create specifications, diagrams, and
    installation plans for electrical and controls
  •  Conduct analysis and troubleshooting on
    automation systems, drives, instrumentation,
    and process controls.
  • Provide technical guidance to team members
    implementing electrical/automation designs.
  • Verify electrical and automation systems meet
    functional specs, safety standards, and quality


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Mechanical Engineer

Position Responsibilities:

• Design and develop mechanical components
and systems using analysis, calculations and
modelling techniques.
• Conduct research to develop manufacturing
processes, instrumentation, and mechanical
• Analyse test data and propose design
improvements to resolve technical issues.
• Develop and test prototypes of mechanical
devices and systems to evaluate design
• Prepare detailed drawings, engineering plans,
specifications, and cost estimates for projects.


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Supply Chain Warehouse & Inventory Specialist

Position Responsibilities:

  • Manage receipt, storage, picking, packing
    and shipping of incoming and outgoing
  • Maintain organization of warehouse, perform
    cycle counts, and reconcile discrepancies.
  • Ensure inventory records are updated in a
    timely manner and stock levels are adequate.
  • Develop and implement warehouse storage
    standards and procedures.
  • Coordinate and perform periodic physical
    inventory counts and audits. Investigate


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IT Support Specialist

   Position Responsibilities:

    • Provide prompt and knowledgeable
      technical support to users regarding
      computers, mobile devices, servers,
      networks, and software applications
    • Troubleshoot problems with servers,
      networks, and connectivity issues. Configure
      networks, network hardware, and firewalls
      as required.
    • Diagnose and resolve technical problems with computer hardware, software,
      networks, servers, and other systems. Repair
      or replace components as needed.
    • Install and configure new server hardware/software and network devices. Set up user accounts and permission

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Senior Buyer, Belfast

Position Responsibilities:

  • Identify, evaluate, and select suppliers who meet the organization’s standards for quality, delivery, cost, and reliability. 

  • Perform market analysis to identify trends, price changes, and procurement opportunities. 

  • Develop and manage strategic supplier relationships to ensure long-term partnerships that are beneficial to both parties. 

  • Negotiate contracts, terms, and conditions with suppliers to ensure the best possible price, quality, and value for money. 

  • Work collaboratively with stakeholders to identify and prioritize procurement needs.

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Facility Maintenance Technician

Position Responsibilities:

  • Conduct routine inspections and
    preventative maintenance on equipment
    including plumbing, electrical, mechanical
  • Diagnose maintenance problems and
    perform repairs on facilities and equipment
    including carpentry, painting, plumbing
  • Respond to maintenance requests and
    troubleshoot issues. Determine source of
    problems and correct malfunctions.
  • Carry out installation and replacement of
    fixtures, fittings, pipes, valves etc.
  • Perform grounds maintenance including
    grass cutting, trimming, landscaping.
    Remove snow/ice as required.


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Technical Project Manager/Coordinator, Belfast

Position Responsibilites:

  • Working across a broad range of technical areas.

  • Program management of technical projects to ensure all key milestones are achieved.

  • Develop a co-ordinated approach across a diverse technical team.

  • Accurate budget and control of costs.

  • Periodic detailed reporting and stakeholder meetings.

  • Oversight of prototype source and manufacture.

  • Project engineering and management from concept to realisation.

  • Quality, health and safety leadership.

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Design Engineer, Belfast

Position Responsibilities:

  • Develop and design mechanical systems and products according to specifications and requirements. 

  • Create 2D and 3D models using CAD software such as SolidWorks or AutoCAD. 

  • Prepare and review design drawings, technical specifications, and BOMs (Bill of Materials) for various mechanical components. 

  • Conduct feasibility studies, prototype testing, and product validation to ensure designs meet performance, safety and quality standards. 

  • Collaborate with Manufacturing Engineering and Quality to ensure designs are manufacturable (Design for Manufacture and Assembly). 

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Manufacturing Engineer, Belfast

Position Responsibilities:

  • Design and develop manufacturing processes for new products and ensure they are optimized for productivity, quality, and cost.

  • Conduct feasibility studies to identify areas for process improvement and work with cross-functional teams to implement changes. 

  • Use design for manufacture and assembly (DFM & DFA) methodologies to ensure products are designed to be produced efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Develop and maintain Bills of Materials (BOMs) for manufactured products and update them as necessary.

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Research and Development Engineer, Belfast

Position Responsibilities:

  •  Working in the R&D teams across a broad range of technical areas.
  • Research and concept evaluation.
  • Prototype design and testing.
  • Oversight of prototype source and manufacture.
  • Project engineering and management from concept to realisation.
  • Engineering design, design for manufacture and design for cost reviews.
  • Capturing, recording, and improving KPIs.
  • Quality, health and safety leadership.
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QHSE Advisor, Belfast

Position Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement QHSE policies and procedures, in line with regulatory and company standards. 
  • Conduct regular audits and inspections to ensure the company is compliant with regulations and standards. 
  • Provide training and guidance to employees on health and safety practices, environmental awareness, quality assurance and risk management. 
  • Develop and maintain an effective QHSE management system, including the integration of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 management system standards. 
  • Ensure relevant documentation is maintained for all QHSE activities. 
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    CATAGEN will be continueing to grow its team in 2023. Join us to clean and decarbonise the air. Please send your CV to

    CATAGEN is an equal opportunities employer and therefore is committed to promoting diversity and equality of opportunity and does not discriminate, whether on grounds of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, disability, age, class, community background, religion or belief.