Renewable Hydrogen HGEN


CATAGEN have two scalable methods to produce renewable hydrogen

Biohydrogen reactor using sustainable bio-organic sources. Find out more >

Green hydrogen reactor using renewable energy and water (not electrolysis).


What is ClimaHtech HGEN?

CATAGEN’s recirculating gas reactor has been applied to develop a technology for high-efficiency
green hydrogen production.

A reliable and scalable source of green hydrogen from water.

The process uses water as the net feedstock and renewable electricity enabling zero-carbon Green
Hydrogen production.

There are no electrolysers used in this process; the proposed CATAGEN Green Hydrogen Generator uses a multi-stage thermochemical process in a recirculating reactor to split water.

What is Hydrogen?

CATAGEN’s ClimaHtech HGEN is a reliable and scalable source of hydrogen and oxygen produced from water and renewable energy without the use of electrolysis.  ​

Renewable hydrogen is an alternative fuel to supply non-fossil energy demands for power generation, mobility, industry and heating to transition to a decarbonised world.

To achieve transport decarbonisation when converted into other zero-carbon fuels for shipping and aviation​

To power high-heat industry activities such as power generation, steel, cement, and glass production​

Green hydrogen can be produced locally by any country using native renewable energy resources providing energy security. 

Energy efficient production of green hydrogen is a key challenge for the Hydrogen economy.​


Designed for industry with multiple benefits

Scales quadratically

Unlike electrolysers but in a similar way to other industrial processes.

High tolerance to intermittent power

Thermal inertia allows maximum energy utilisation from intermittent power supplies.

Conventional supply chain compatibility

Allows for rapid manufacturability.

Modular component designed to integrate into ClimaHtech system

Compatible with other low carbon technologies.


Industry Applications

Heavy Industry

Hydrogen can be used in high temperature applications in place of fossil fuels such as coal
and gas​.


Hydrogen can be used as a direct replacement for coal to reduce non-essential carbon
emissions in cement production​


Hydrogen can be used as a chemical battery; to store excess renewable energy for use during high-demand periods​​

Heavy duty / non-road machinery

Dual fuel hydrogen systems for NRMM applications ​and Hydrogen support through H2 combustion

Find out how we are decarbonising non-road machinery through Project HYDENSITY


Decarbonisation of fuel for a range of defence and security applications​.


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