Renewable Hydrogen BIOHGEN


CATAGEN have two scalable methods to produce renewable hydrogen

Biohydrogen reactor using sustainable bio-organic sources.

Green hydrogen reactor using renewable energy and water (not electrolysis). Find out more >


What is ClimaHtech BIOHGEN?


ClimaHtech BIOHGEN uses CATAGEN’s proprietary technology to produce cost-effective biohydrogen from sustainable bio-organic sources.

This energy-efficient approach can accelerate the route to a Net Zero carbon hydrogen economy.

Biogenic CO2 is a valuable by-product of the process that can displace fossil CO2 use in the food and drink industry, agriculture, and other industrial applications.

BIOHGEN products can be combined using the ClimaHtech E-FUEL GEN to produce advanced biofuels.

*Non-food or land competitive biomasses. 

Biohydrogen enables the decarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors.

What is Biohydrogen?

Biohydrogen is a form of hydrogen produced from biomass sources.

BIOHGEN is an energy-efficient approach that can facilitate the early adoption of low-carbon hydrogen and accelerate the route to a Net Zero hydrogen economy.

Bio CO2 is also a valuable by-product of the process.


Designed for industry with multiple benefits

Twice as much Biohydrogen

Produced per unit of renewable electricity consumed and less water used in production compared to electrolysis

Ease and speed of manufacture

Using existing supply chains

Biogenic CO2

Is produced as a valuable by-product  

‘Drop in’ or Blended synthetic fuels

can be produced such as bio derived e-diesel, e-kerosene, and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)

Modular component designed to integrate into ClimaHtech system

Compatible with other low carbon technologies


Industry Applications

Heavy Industry

Hydrogen can be used in high temperature applications in place of fossil fuels such as coal
and gas​.


Hydrogen can be used as a direct replacement for coal to reduce non-essential carbon
emissions in cement production​


Hydrogen can be used as a chemical battery; to store excess renewable energy for use during high-demand periods​​

Heavy duty / non-road machinery

Dual fuel hydrogen systems for NRMM applications ​and Hydrogen support through H2 combustion

Find out more on decarbonising non-road machinery through Project HYDENSITY


Decarbonisation of fuel for a range of defence and security applications​.

Biogenic CO2

Sustainable CO2 for industrial use such as food and drinks industry, enhanced photosynthesis, packaging etc.​


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