What is ClimaHtech COMPRESSOR?


Is a transformative technology to reduce the cost of compression, making it more energy efficient and increasing the delivery capacity.

Conventional technology has been re-imagined in ClimaHtech to improve operability and reduce energy consumption which impacts the levelised cost of hydrogen production, delivery and other benefits.  

The CATAGEN hybrid liquid piston compressor has been designed as an enabling technology to support the widespread integration of hydrogen as a fuel source and energy carrier.

The hybrid compressor’s novel and elegant design offers best-in-class thermodynamic efficiency (cost reduction), and when complemented by its operational flexibility, facilitates in-service energy savings (cost reduction).  

For specific applications there is an additional third major advantage wherein the ClimaHtech COMPRESSOR supports optimised utilisation of stored hydrogen, supporting further cost reduction.

What is compression?

Hydrogen Compression is an enabling technology and is highly sought after for  compressor storage and delivery of hydrogen. It is needed at virtually every step of the hydrogen value chain. 

Compressing hydrogen is difficult and energy-intensive due to the high storage pressures required.

Compression to high pressure generates considerable heat, and conventional compressors are vastly underrated for cooling when applied to hydrogen, limiting gas delivery and forcing non-continuous operation. 


Designed for industry with multiple benefits

Novel construction

Supports concurrent cooling and compression, yielding energy efficiency savings. 

Operational efficiency savings

Made possible through the compressor’s flexibility in input and output pressure, minimising misdirection of energy and negating overpressure requirements.

Improved duty cycling

Improved direction of energy and concurrent cooling directly results in robustness to overheating and improved duty cycling. 

Operating cost savings

Limited number of moving parts results in simplified O&M and operating cost savings. 

40% better utilisation

By utilising more of the stored hydrogen, fewer hydrogen storage trailers are required, with lower haulage and transport costs. 


Additional Applications


The CATAGEN hybrid liquid piston compressor is not limited to supporting hydrogen refuelling. Its key benefits in flexibility and high thermodynamic efficiency are transferrable to a range of alternative and additional applications including: 

Energy Storage

Such as salt cavern applications, to efficiently compress gas before subsequent expansion.Where the flexibility in compression pressures allows for optimised pressure management and operational efficiency, on top of the fundamentally efficient process. 

Gas Pipelines

To sustain pressure through boosting stations.  Where the pressure ratio flexibility allows precise, energy efficient, pressure control which could be responsive to flow rates and pipeline pressure losses.

Process Gas Compression

For high-pressure applications such as Haber-Bosch green ammonia synthesis where the energy efficient operation has a direct impact on the cost of production. 

Support of hydrogen refuelling cascades

By supporting re-distribution and pressure top-up of the stored hydrogen resulting in improved depth of discharge and hydrogen utilisation per cascade. 

Transport and Mobility

Energy-efficient hydrogen compression and dispensing.


Lower energy cost to compress hydrogen to storage pressure 350 bar and 700 bar. Dispensing of a larger proportion of stored hydrogen.

Non-Road Mobile Machinery

Efficient delivery of hydrogen for mobile storage.

Integrated Hydrogen Systems

Lower energy consumption of compressing and dispensing hydrogen.


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