February 23, 2024 – CATAGEN has been selected as one of only 13 technology companies to present at the 2024 Sustainable Aviation Cleantech Challenge on March 7, 2024 in Denver, Colorado. Finalists were selected from a competitive international pool of applicants, with CATAGEN selected as the only SAF company outside of the US, by representatives from program sponsors United Airlines, Southwest, Gevo, DEN, Conocophillips, Consulate General of Canada – Colorado Energy Office and Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade. 

CATAGEN will pitch to major aviation companies and investors on its innovative Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) technology, ClimaHtech E-FUEL GEN which can produce liquid e-Fuels such as SAF from wind, water and air. SAF is a safe replacement for conventional oil-based jet fuel and can be used in existing infrastructure and reduce emissions by up to 80%. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates SAF to account for approximately two thirds of aviation’s carbon mitigation in 2050 which would require 449 billion litres. Some sources estimate that the SAF market will be worth $402 billion in 2050. 

The Aviation Challenge is one in a series of Cleantech Challenges that connect large industry partners directly to innovative clean technology solutions. Colorado Cleantech Industries Association (CCIA) developed the Aviation Challenge in partnership with an internationally recognized team of industry leaders, including United, Southwest, Gevo, DEN, ConocoPhillips, Arnold & Porter and the Consulate General of Canada in Denver.

The 2024 call for applications asked for companies capable of working on issues related to technologies: Active Load Alleviation, Advanced Auxiliary Power Units, Advanced Composites, Aircraft Surface Treatment Technologies (LEAF), Alternative Wing Designs and Wingtip Devices, Autonomous Flight Solutions, Carbon Capture Use and Sequestration, Digital Thread, Double Bubble Fuselage, Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL), EV Charging, Hydrogen & Hydrogen Infrastructure, Propulsion Innovations, Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs), Onboard Power Solutions, and other applicable technologies.


Colorado Cleantech Industries Association (CCIA) said:
“CCIA is excited to partner with industry leaders and innovators at our technology scouting event, aiming to bring cleaner solutions to the aviation industry. Our partners utilize this significant program to efficiently vet promising, early-stage companies and discover technology applications that will ultimately enhance their operations and move us closer to a sustainable aviation future,” said Laura Hickernell, Interim Executive Director of CCIA.


As ClimaHtech SAF Lead and VP of Net Zero Project IE, Dr Andrea Ahern will represent CATAGEN and pitch its SAF ClimaHtech E-FUEL GEN technology at the Sustainable Aviation CleanTech Challenge.

Dr Andrea Ahern, ClimaHtech SAF Lead and VP of Net Zero Projects IE said: 
Aviation contributes around 2.5% of global emissions and is difficult to decarbonise. One of the ways it can be decarbonised is to use new fuels like SAFs as they are safe, clean replacements for conventional oil-based jet fuel and can largely be used by existing planes. CATAGEN’s ClimaHtech E-FUEL GEN technology produces clean liquid e-Fuels, such as SAF and e-diesel, using renewable electricity, renewable hydrogen and sustainable carbon dioxide. E-fuels are a net-zero solution to replace fossil fuels. CATAGEN’s mission is to clean and decarbonise the air and I’m looking forward to pitching our exciting SAF technology to major aviation companies and investors on 7th March in Denver. 


About Dr Andrea Ahern: 

Andrea is passionate about the key role that hydrogen and its derivatives, such as e-Fuels, can play in delivering a balanced pathway to net zero. She is currently ClimaHtech SAF Lead and VP of Net-Zero Projects IE. 

Interested in partnering with us or learning more about our E-FUEL GEN technology? Connect on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrea-ahern-3ba0a35/


About ClimaHtech:

ClimaHtech is an acceleration system towards decarbonisation using advanced climate technologies.

ClimaHtech technologies are focused on helping hard to decarbonise sectors such as aviation, heavy industry, marine, mobility and agriculture to meet 2050 targets. Find out more: https://catagen.com/climahtech/


About Colorado Cleantech Industries Association:

Founded in 2008, CCIA is a statewide, industry-led, industry-focused organization dedicated to promoting Colorado’s cleantech industry. CCIA impacts Colorado’s policies, people, products and programs that drive expansion of a cleaner, cheaper, more efficient and secure energy economy. Through advocacy, public policy leadership, development and education, CCIA works to ensure that Colorado is a global cleantech leader. For more information, visit http://www.coloradocleantech.com.