CATAGEN is proud to be a platinum sponsor of the Hydrogen Ireland Conference, set to take place on the 28th and 29th of November 2023 at the iconic Titanic Belfast in Northern Ireland.

This event serves as a platform for fostering open and robust discussions, conducting assessments, and planning for the utilization, deployment, and commercialization of hydrogen on the island of Ireland and internationally. Register here

CATAGEN’s mission is to clean and decarbonise the air so we are committed to contributing to meaningful discussions and innovations that can help shape the future of renewable hydrogen on the island of Ireland and globally. CATAGEN have developed technologies in renewable hydrogen, biohydrogen, and enabling technologies in hydrogen compression to help drive the transition towards a Net Zero future. 


The Three Key Themes of the Event:

The conference’s three distinct themes will offer attendees valuable insights to help them chart a course towards a greener hydrogen economy.

1. Where Are We Now?

This theme will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of the current state of hydrogen utilization and technology on the island of Ireland. It’s a crucial starting point to assess the progress made in harnessing hydrogen as an alternative energy source.

2. Where Are We Hoping to Get To?

In this section, participants will have the opportunity to envision the future of hydrogen on the island of Ireland. Speakers will discuss ambitious goals and potential applications for green hydrogen technology.

3. How Do We Get There?

This theme will focus on the practical aspects of achieving the goals set in the previous theme. Experts will delve into strategies, technologies, and collaborations that can help bridge the gap between the current state of hydrogen usage and the envisioned future.


CATAGEN is proud to be a supporter of the Hydrogen Ireland Conference, and we’re even prouder to have four of our team members speaking or participating in panels at the event:

Dr. Andrew Woods

Dr. Andrew Woods

CEO and Co-founder

Dr. Woods will share insights on “Green Energy Lanes on the Balanced Pathway” offering a vision for sustainable and green energy solutions.

Sonya Kerr

Sonya Kerr

Chief Commercialisation Officer

Sonya Kerr will take a deep dive into the “New Energy Landscape Extending Reach” exploring new horizons in the energy sector.

Dr. Matthew Elliott

Dr. Matthew Elliott

Principal Technologist

Dr. Elliott will discuss “Ireland’s Technological Innovations” shedding light on the remarkable innovations taking place in the country’s hydrogen industry.

Andrea Ahern

Andrea Ahern

VP of Net Zero Projects IE

Andrea Ahern will provide a unique opportunity for conference-goers by offering tours of our net-zero ClimaHtech technologies located in Titanic Quarter, Belfast, just 5 minutes away from the conference venue.

CATAGEN’s ClimaHtech Technologies

CATAGEN’s ClimaHtech suite is an acceleration system towards decarbonisation using advanced climate technologies to generate renewable hydrogen, biohydrogen and gHreen e-fuels with complementary systems for carbon capture and hydrogen compression.


Learn more about ClimaHtech and see what to expect in our site tours in this video…

If you’re passionate about the future of hydrogen and want to attend this event, make sure to secure your tickets here and book a tour with CATAGEN. 

Watch out for us on November 28th and 29th and come and see first hand how we are cleaning and decarbonising the air with our technology in green hydrogen, biohydrogen and e-fuel.


Hydrogen Ireland Sponsors

The Hydrogen Ireland annual conference enjoys support from various other prominent organizations alongside CATAGEN, including Energia Group, ESB, Gas Networks Ireland, and Tourism Northern Ireland. Our team members will be speaking alongside a diverse range of speakers such as representatives from ESB, Energia, Siemens, Gas Networks Ireland, and the University of Oxford.