CATAGEN is delighted to be a silver sponsor of the Hydrogen Energy Association’s Annual Conference 2024, taking place in the QEII Centre in London on the 23rd of May.

The Hydrogen Energy Association (HEA) is the voice of the UK hydrogen industry, bringing together its members to advocate for a positive social, political, and economic environment for the development of hydrogen and its applications in the UK.

The HEA’s members span the entire hydrogen value chain, from low carbon hydrogen production, transportation, and storage to the testing and use of hydrogen.

The HEA’s Conference is a prestigious hydrogen event, bringing together over 500 key stakeholders from the UK’s hydrogen sector including the most influential and ambitious hydrogen leaders, new innovative businesses in this sector, energy-intensive users transitioning or interested in transitioning with hydrogen, as well as politicians and policymakers.

The theme of this year’s conference is Acting on Ambition which focuses on accelerating the deployment of hydrogen solutions and driving change to position the UK as a global leader in hydrogen, while also enhancing energy resilience and achieving net zero through hydrogen.

CATAGEN’s purpose is to clean and decarbonise the air, we are committed to driving the conversations that can help shape the future of hydrogen in the UK and globally. CATAGEN have developed technologies in renewable hydrogen, biohydrogen, and enabling technologies in hydrogen compression to help accelerate the transition towards a Net Zero future.

CATAGEN’s Panel Session Participation: Growing Supply Chains

CATAGEN is delighted to be a member of HEA and a sponsor of this year’s conference.  Professor Roy Douglas, CTO and CoFounder at CATAGEN will lead a panel on Growing Supply Chains focusing  on the development, expansion, and optimisation of the supply chains necessary to support a hydrogen economy

Roy will share how the ClimaHtech’s BIOHGEN, HGEN, and enabling COMPRESSOR technologies will contribute to the growth and efficiency of hydrogen supply chains both in the UK and globally. He will be joined on the panel by ITM Power, Northern Value and Fitting Company and Aurora Energy Research.

As a preview to the panel session, we asked Professor Roy Douglas about the key trends or challenges that are currently impacting the hydrogen sector today;

“Compression and transportation of hydrogen is still causing the industry a massive challenge.  We’re hearing from industry that there are many challenges with hydrogen compression and we have specifically developed CATAGEN’s ClimaHtech COMPRESSOR to alleviate some of the issues in terms of cooling whilst pumping and dispensing and with added energy efficiency benefits.”

– Professor Roy Douglas


Professor Emeritus Roy Douglas

Professor Emeritus Roy Douglas

CTO & Founder of CATAGEN

Professor Roy Douglas has over 40 years of experience in engine research and development, systems modelling, and automotive after-treatment. He spent 36 years as Professor of IC Engines Technology at Queen’s University, Belfast. Roy has published over 100 technical papers, holds 4 patents, and has supervised over 40 PhD students and 20 post-doctoral research fellows. Roy now supports the engineering team at CATAGEN in developing ClimaHtech technologies.

CATAGEN’s ClimaHtech Technologies

ClimaHtech is an acceleration system towards decarbonisation using advanced climate technologies to generate renewable hydrogen, biohydrogen and gHreen e-fuels with complementary systems for carbon capture and hydrogen compression.

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