Hi, I’m Tom Morris, Senior Engineer at CATAGEN.

I am currently working on new technology development specifically on Hydrogen Dispensing and Compressing. I’ve been involved in all aspects of the project. Alongside my colleague, Matty, we are responsible for ensuring the completion of research and report writing, system and control design, procurement, commissioning, and project management.

What is it like working at CATAGEN? 

Honestly never thought a workplace could have such good craic. Instead of dreading going back to work after my summer holiday I was actually looking forward to coming back in and seeing the team. 

The work can be challenging because of how novel the technologies we are working on are, but the satisfaction of seeing the projects develop always trumps. 


  Which of the benefits that CATAGEN        offer are your favourite? 

Can’t go wrong with CATAGEN lunch. Also love the onsite gym and can’t wait for the new one to be finished. 



  Name three #hashtags that describe          CATAGEN


What was the last programme/ box set you watched on TV?

Lord of The Rings- The Rings of Power

Name two things you love:

1. Sports, watching and playing. 
2. Ice Cream, I reckon my blood is at least 50% dairy. 

Name two things you really dislike:

1. When you’re trying to open a packet of something (usually food) and the pull tab comes off without opening it. 

2. Olives.

What are you looking forward to this year? 

My sister is living in New Zealand at the moment, I’m looking forward to her coming home for some Christmas celebrations. 

After the CATAGEN summer do, I’m looking forward to see what the Christmas one has in store. 

Quickfire Questions

Sun Holiday or Snow Holiday –  Snow Holiday (I’m half swiss so it has to be)

Night in or Night out – both

Car or Bike  – Car to travel, Bike in the gym

LinkedIn or Instagram  – Instagram

Reading a book or watching TV – Watching TV

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