Hi, I’m Mark Frazer, Test and Maintenance Technician at CATAGEN. I support the Catalyst Ageing side of the business, prepping and installing catalysts in our OMEGA Technology for ageing and taking care of both facilities. 

What is it like working at CATAGEN? 

CATAGEN is honestly a great place to work. It has a friendly atmosphere and is very welcoming to new employees. 

  Which of the benefits that CATAGEN          offer are your favourite? 

  Flexible working hours

  CATAGEN Friday lunch, it’s always a bit      of craic

  Name three #hashtags that describe          CATAGEN




What was the last programme/ box set you watched on TV?

Top Gear

Name two things you love:

I love getting out and about on my motorbike and recently spent 5 days touring the Scottish Highlands. I would love to get back to the Alps. I also love going to watch the Norn Iron (Northern Ireland) football team with my sons and their friends – I’ve been going to matches for the past 25 years!

Name two things you really dislike:

  • I don’t like people telling lies
  • AND I HATE… CHEESE !  (it should be illegal)

What are you looking forward to this year? 

I’m looking forward to a family cruise in the Med this summer.  I’ve really missed our summer holidays and I’m looking forward to spending more time with my 2 granddaughters. Poppy 19 months and Emily 8 weeks!)

At CATAGEN, we’re hoping to recruit an apprentice this year and I’m looking forward to showing them the ropes.  

Quickfire Questions

Sun Holiday or Snow Holiday –  Sun

Night in or Night out – Night out

Car or Bike  – Motorbike

LinkedIn or Instagram  – Instagram

Reading a book or watching TV – TV

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