Hi, I’m Siya Yadiv, Research & Development Engineer at CATAGEN. I am developing CATAGEN’s new net zero technologies, working as part of the team developing Green Hydrogen and advising on the best materials to be used with our OMEGA technology . 

What is it like working at CATAGEN? 

CATAGEN is a great place to work with a lovely and friendly team, everyone is also very helpful in nature. I love the motivating environment at CATAGEN.

  Which of the benefits that CATAGEN          offer are your favourite? 


  CATAGEN Friday lunch and all the fun



  Name three #hashtags that describe          CATAGEN


What was the last programme/ box set you watched on TV?

Shaman King

Name two things you love:

It’s hard to just pick two. I love long walks, watching television shows, listening to music, shopping and playing pickleball.

Name two things you really dislike:

  • Overeating

  • Funny weather

  • Overcrowded places

What are you looking forward to this year? 

Work -Doing some great projects with my team by implementing my knowledge and experience.

Personal – Getting engaged.

Quickfire Questions

Sun Holiday or Snow Holiday –  Sun holiday

Night in or Night out – Both

Car or Bike  – Both

LinkedIn or Instagram  – Instagram

Reading a book or watching TV – Both

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