4. CATAGEN is growing – meet our new Team Members in 2021

Amanda Martin, Business Development and Technical Sales Manager

Sonya Kerr, Head of Marketing & Strategic Communications
Susan Crawford, Financial Controller
Reuben Beers, Technical Specialist Intern
Victoria, Graphic Design Intern 

7. New Sales Partners in US and India  

Tim Kendell- US 

Manju Peddakotla and Madhusudhan Chellappa- Gannet Solutions  

Watch our Fireside Chat with the Gannet Team at SIAT 2021  

8. COP 26 

Watch Dr Andrew Woods, CEO of CATAGEN speaking at Arctic Base Camp – on Scaling Climate Tech in partnership with TechNation and BNP Paribas.
Watch it online 

Sonya Kerr, Head of Marketing at CATAGEN attended the Deloitte Experiential Event and spoke at the SSE Decarbonisation Summit. Watch it online 

9. CATAGEN attends Northern Ireland Business and Innovation Showcase in London

Professor Roy Douglas, CTO and Founder and Brian McCaul, Board Member at CATAGEN met PM Boris Johnston at 10 Downing Street as part of the NI Business Showcase in London. CEO Dr Andrew Woods also took part in a panel discussion.

12. Belfast City Deal

CATAGEN was invited to be part of the panel discussion at the signing of the first ever City Deal for Northern Ireland. Sonya Kerr talked about CATAGEN’s opportunity to grow and scale its business in #netzero technologies and how companies could benefit from the City Deal via the Innovation Hubs, funding and skills development strategy.