CATAGEN today announced that it had received regulatory approval from Applus IDIADA. This milestone is a major endorsement for CATAGEN who provide best in class emissions testing to leading auto and motorcycle manufacturers globally.

Applus IDIADA is a global partner to the automotive industry with over 30 years’ experience supporting its clients in product development activities, providing design, engineering, testing and homologation services.

“International accreditation from an industry leader in homologation services, such as Applus IDIADA, is a huge achievement for all the team here at CATAGEN” says Thomas Eager, Head of Operations at CATAGEN, “Our technology offering, proprietary toolset and constant process quality control have been approved to the highest standards enabling CATAGEN to provide assured, best in class services.”

CATAGEN has been certified to perform all tests in relation to the accelerated ageing of aftertreatment systems. The CATAGEN Quality Management System ensures precision control, from physical testing and calibration, to data quality and customer asset management. These standards have been verified and approved with CATAGEN being deemed a “world class” facility.


Its unrivalled expertise through its research, software and patented testing technology provides the ability to turnaround projects in 4 to 6 weeks with industry leading levels of reproducibility. This provides OEMs with up to 40% cost savings in terms of energy efficiency (fuel reduction) and being right first time.

Increasing global legislation around emissions means the challenge facing OEMs is ever more critical as is the penalty for falling short of their obligations. Our OEM partners can be assured that CATAGEN will deliver services to meet international standards and help provide vehicles that exceed their specific legislative requirements. Not only do we help the OEM reduce the level of emissions in their vehicles but we have significantly decarbonized the testing process at the CATAGEN facility by reducing CO2 emissions by 98% using renewable energy sources. This helps our partners meet their ESG goals.


Applus IDIADA approval is gained through a full management system and process audit, including real time monitoring of a project. Once all assessment criteria have been fulfilled, authorization and final report certificate are awarded.

CATAGEN is already approved by the Vehicle Certification Authority (VCA) and its data has been used by OEMs in the US, India and China for regulatory approval.



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