Northern Ireland Net Zero technologies company CATAGEN has been selected to join the UK wide Technation Net Zero 2.0 Cohort.  The only company in Northern Ireland to make it through this year, CATAGEN will join 31 other companies across the UK as they scale and grow innovative technologies that can make real impact to reduce CO2 emissions.

CATAGEN selected for TechNation Net Zero 2.0 2021

Left to right, Gary Davidson, Investment Lead at TechNation with Dr Andrew Woods, CEO at CATAGEN

TechNation fuels the growth of game-changing founders, leaders and scaling companies so they can positively transform societies and economies.   The Net Zero Cohort 2.0 aims to support companies driving towards net zero to scale further and faster than any other technology before. Forty percent of emission reductions rely on technologies not yet commercially deployed on a mass-market scale.

CATAGEN has an established core business based in Belfast, helping over 20 world-leading auto and motorcycle manufacturers meet ever stringent emissions legislation since 2017.  It is this knowledge and expertise that has spring boarded the company into the global Net Zero Technology race with the company now working on disruptive technologies in hydrogen, e-fuels and world leading emissions data.

Dr Andrew Woods, CEO & Co-Founder said, “We are delighted to have received a place on Technation’s Net Zero 2.0 Cohort and look forward to meeting the other companies.  We have the opportunity to create world leading Net Zero technologies that provide alternatives to fossil fuels and drive behaviour change to reduce emissions.  Climate change will impact us all and our goal at CATAGEN is ‘to clean and decarbonise the air’.  This opportunity will create impact and take us to the next level.”

Gary Davidson, Investment Lead @ Tech Nation commented, “It fills me with so much joy to see CATAGEN represent Northern Ireland on Tech Nation’s Net-Zero 2.0 cohort.  It’s a real testament to the sheer power of the team and technology, combined with the passion to make a real difference in the world.  CATAGEN is one to watch and gaining exposure on our UK cohort with other founders in the space will create some exciting collaboration opportunities for the team.

Leading the way for SMEs in Northern Ireland, CATAGEN is already powered by 100% renewable energy and is in development of new technologies that will support the UK’s climate change target to cut emissions by 78% by 2035 and impact global targets.

The core of CATAGEN’s business is “to clean and decarbonise the air”, borne out of Dr Woods’ PhD research at Queens University to help the automotive industry reduce tailpipe emissions from vehicles.  Since 2017, this technology has displaced more than 1,100 tonnes of carbon from the automotive sector to date, through its energy efficient patented technology.