CATAGEN has partnered with SQSTR to become totally carbon neutral, with a commitment to plant at least 500 trees per year internationally to actively absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

CATAGEN’s two facilities in Belfast are already powered by 100% renewable energy and the company is committed to offsetting any further CO2 from scope 1 and 2 emissions such as business travel and heating.

CATAGEN’s purpose is ‘to clean and decarbonise the air’ through its innovative technology.  Since 2017, it has displaced over 1174 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere through its highly energy efficient patented technology. CATAGEN supports automotive companies globally to meet or surpass carbon emissions standards and is approved by the UK Vehicle Certification Agency and Applus IDIADA in Europe.

CATAGEN CEO, Dr Andrew Woods commented,

‘We realised back in 2005 that emissions were going to become a major problem of the future. We then began the journey of developing the toolset to really understand emissions and built CATAGEN with the purpose to clean and decarbonise the air. We’re now building on this technology and capabilities to create new lower cost energy technology vectors in green hydrogen and e-fuels for production and distribution to meet net zero targets. Therefore, we wanted to ensure that our daily business operations were held accountable in terms of carbon footprint which led us to SQSTR. One of the key benefits of partnering with SQSTR is that not only do we offset scope 1 and 2 emissions but we’re also generating employment opportunities in the regions where the trees are planted.” 

SQSTR is an approved supplier for carbon credits and complies with the Woodland Carbon Code when planting trees in the UK which is recommended by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA).

Harry Simpson, Director at SQSTR said,

“SQSTR are pleased to be planting trees for CATAGEN as part of their environmental sustainability drive. We have enjoyed working with such a progressive company and look forward to assisting CATAGEN maintain their carbon neutrality through a mixture of tree planting and renewable energy carbon credits. CATAGEN have chosen to plant trees with SQSTR in Kenya which not only provides carbon sequestration but also provides jobs for those most in need from planting to forest management across the trees’ lifetime. We congratulate CATAGEN on their carbon neutral status and look forward to working together in the future.’

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