Akrapovič names CATAGEN as their catalyst ageing company for 2024

CATAGEN, a leader in catalyst ageing and aftertreatment testing, and Akrapovič, a globally renowned exhaust system manufacturer, are continuing to work together throughout 2024.

Beyond the evident advantages of cost-effectiveness and swift outcomes, Akrapovič places emphasis on the crucial role of accurate emission testing. Leveraging CATAGEN’s cutting-edge catalyst ageing technology and the company’s expertise, CATAGEN have successfully conducted a series of tests that led to more work being committed.

Urban Potočnik, R&D Director at Akrapovič commented”Choosing to work with CATAGEN was a strategic decision for us, driven not only by the cost-saving benefits and fast turnaround times but also by the role sustainability plays in our business strategy.  The precision demonstrated in the tests is amazing, with surprisingly low deviations. The emissions test results of the aged catalysts, expertly aged by CATAGEN for us, authentically mirrored the real data observed on our reference motorcycle.” 

The CATAGEN and Akrapovič collaboration represents a paradigm shift in the automotive industry, where cost-effectiveness and efficiency converge with environmental responsibility. As both companies continue to push the boundaries of innovation, their collaboration sets a precedent for future advancements in aftertreatment testing and catalytic converter development.

Dr. Kurtis Irwin, VP of Global Catalysis at CATAGEN, said  “We are proud to continue to work with Akrapovič to carry out a number of catalyst ageing projects throughout the upcoming months. As one of the leaders in exhaust technology, Akrapovič’s commitment to innovation perfectly complements our advanced testing capabilities and catalysis expertise. Together, our focus is on delivering motorcycles that meet emission standards, aligning with CATAGEN’s core mission to clean and decarbonise the air.”



CATAGEN’s mission is to clean and decarbonise the air. We are a pioneering green emissions testing facility based in Belfast providing unrivalled metrics to optimise catalyst development and reduce harmful tailpipe emissions. Our expertise in the mobility sector and global emissions standards has led us to develop ClimaHtech technologies including renewable Hydrogen and E-fuels.

About Akrapovič:

Akrapovič is a manufacturer of exhaust systems for motorcycles and premium cars. It is renowned around the globe as an innovative company that uses advanced technology and high-quality materials in exhaust system design and manufacture.