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CATAGEN helps automotive OEMs meet emissions targets faster, with higher accuracy and greater flexibility. Our unique OMEGA technology can replicate engine flow rates, temperatures and gas compositions for any kind of engine. Accredited by UK Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) and Applus IDIADA.

We offer tailored services to support OEMs to meet emissions compliance, manage development issues with the catalyst ageing process and manage cost implications such as PGM prices and the rising cost of fuel.

Standard Bench Cycle (SBC)

CATAGEN use the Standard Road Cycle (SRC) data that our partners supply to calculate the Bench Ageing Time (BAT) or we conduct the SBC at a prescribed time and temperature criteria on request of our partners.

We have developed our own precision diagnostic embedded in our test software, the CATAGEN Ageing Metric. It allows real time tracking and monitoring of temperature, gas composition and flow rate throughout an ageing cycle giving us results that are repeatable to within 0.5%.

Fuel Cut Ageing

Fuel cut ageing uses a combination of high temperature and lean conditions to age aftertreatment systems.

Catalyst temperature, fuel cut duration and frequency can be altered to match individual customer requirements.

On Board Diagnostic Limit (OBD)

Current emissions legalisation requires OEMs to have fully tested On Board Diagnostic (OBD) systems. To test these systems OBD aged catalysts and sensors are essential.

We use a series of high temperature ageing techniques to age components to meet a customer’s individual OBD requirements.

Custom OEM Cycles

With our patented OMEGA technology, CATAGEN can use a series of control techniques to create new aftertreatment ageing cycles to match individual customer requirements.

Our technology allows accurate control of catalyst temperature, gas injection and flow rates to create a full range of custom transients. These control mechanisms allow for accurate, repeatable and reproducible ageing cycles.

R & D Ageing

Our aftertreatment ageing experience and toolset can be used to help customers develop and test new aftertreatment systems for a range of applications.

Our extensive toolset including the use of full-scale characterisation, ageing, poisoning and modelling capabilities alongside the ability to create a full range of transients makes us the ideal partner to help develop new products or product applications.

What makes our OMEGA machines so  unique?

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Catalyst Thrifting Test Package

Testing to understand if a catalyst has been over specified or overloaded with precious metals through physical characterisation and ageing (durability testing).

Data Driven Replication of a Catalyst

A key challenge for every OEM is generating aged
catalysts accurately and repeatably for calibration.
Any uncertainty over aftertreatment system
performance will cause delays to product launch or
larger safety margins for emissions performance.

Catalyst Ageing Without An Engine

Using CATAGEN’s patented OMEGA technology, a recirculating gas reactor powered by 100% renewable energy. CATAGEN can replicate your exact exhaust conditions up to temperatures of 1100C providing exceptional levels of data quality to help you meet emissions standards. Approved by UK VCA and Applus Idiada.