CATAGEN continues to be an official supplier to Ducati in 2024

CATAGEN, a leader in green emissions testing is continuing to be an official supplier to Ducati. Ducati are one of the world’s most prestigious motorcycle manufacturers. Building upon their successful partnership since 2020, CATAGEN has solidified its position as Ducati’s trusted supplier, working closely to advance aftertreatment development and performance management for the creation of emissions-compliant motorcycles.

CATAGEN’s innovative and patented synthetic recirculating gas reactor allows Ducati to replicate real world exhaust conditions and provide full scale independent automotive emissions solutions through advanced physical and virtual simulation.

Over the last four years, their collaboration has been characterized by mutual cooperation, forward-thinking innovation, and a joint dedication to achieving excellence. As Ducati pushes boundaries in performance and technology, CATAGEN has been instrumental in providing aftertreatment systems renowned for their outstanding repeatability and reproducibility. This contribution has been crucial in assisting Ducati in crafting motorcycles that not only excel in performance but also adhere to stringent global emissions regulations.

CATAGEN’s thorough testing services have played a crucial role in aiding Ducati’s journey towards achieving developmental goals and accelerating market entry. By integrating these testing capabilities with their extensive catalysis expertise, CATAGEN has effectively supported Ducati in overcoming the intricate challenges posed by Euro 5+ emissions standards.

Ducati is one of thirty partners that CATAGEN currently works with covering a multitude of industries from light-duty passenger vehicles, heavy-duty diesel equipment, gensets, and solid oxide fuel cells.

 Dr. Kurtis Irwin, VP of Global Catalysis at CATAGEN said “We are thrilled to enhance our collaboration with Ducati, reaffirming our role as their trusted supplier. The synergy between CATAGEN’s testing  and catalysis expertise aligns seamlessly with Ducati’s pursuit of innovation and environmental responsibility. Our collective dedication is unwavering as we strive to deliver motorcycles that adhere to emission standards, fulfilling our shared mission to clean and decarbonise the air.”

Andrea Goggi, Product Requirements Director at Ducati said “Ducati found in  CATAGEN a viable and reliable partner in achieving the brand’s targets of excellence in performance and compliance with emissions regulations”

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