CATAGEN is thrilled to be listed as a 2023 WIRED Trailblazer by WIRED Consulting and HSBC Innovation Banking.

The WIRED Trailblazer Program is designed to spotlight innovative mid-sized businesses from 5 regions in the UK that play a pivotal role in achieving positive economic and societal impacts. The 75 Trailblazers within the program are dedicated to addressing significant needs, such as enhancing data connectivity, bolstering cybersecurity, improving healthcare accessibility, and tackling pressing global issues like climate change.

CATAGEN’s mission is to clean and decarbonise the air so helping in the battle against climate change is our goal. Being a Trailblazer in this program means actively contributing to innovative solutions and leading the way in creating positive changes on both economic and societal fronts.

CATAGEN featured in the latest WIRED Consulting eBook “How to Scale-up”, which delved into how to scale a Trailblazer business. In the article, CATAGEN Founder and CEO Dr Andrew Woods gave his insights into his approach that transformed CATAGEN into a successful scale-up, particularly through considering diverse sources of funding.

CATAGEN’s approach is to strategically diversify its funding sources to optimise returns and minimise risk.

“Too many businesses take on too much equity investment too early, which can force a trajectory and an exit that aligns with other people’s agendas, rather than the entrepreneur’s vision.”

Dr Andrew Woods, CATAGEN Founder & CEO.

CATAGEN’s diverse funding approach has contributed to our status as one of Northern Ireland’s highest-revenue-generating tech companies according to Deloitte’s Fast 50 Awards in 2019, 2020, and 2023, as well as support from the UK government’s Net Zero Innovation Funding Portfolio for emissions reduction and home-grown energy initiatives, which fund CATAGEN’s ClimaHtech projects.

CATAGEN have developed ClimaHtech to be an acceleration system towards decarbonisation using advanced climate technologies. ClimaHtech generates renewable hydrogenbiohydrogen and gHreen e-fuels with complementary systems for carbon capture and hydrogen compression. CATAGEN’s cutting-edge net zero technologies are shaping the environment of our future by working towards cleaner air for our cities. 

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