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We provide ageing services and testing to help motorcycle OEMs meet emissions targets faster and with higher accuracy and flexibility. Our process delivers accurate and reproducible outcomes for Full Useful Life (FUL), OBD Limits ageing and PGM Thrifting.

Motorcycle manufacturers all over the globe are facing emissions compliance challenges like never before. Emissions legislation is becoming ever more stringent putting increased pressure on OEM to maintain low costs and ensure profitability. The global shift to electrification has drastically pushed up rare metal costs and new legislation is raising the bar for engineers to be able to meet the challenge. 

We have devised a Roadmap to help you achieve new product launch deadlines and meet the emissions legislation by 2024. 

What Motorcyle Catalyst Ageing Services do we offer:

On Board Diagnostics (OBD II)

On board diagnostics is the ability to read and diagnose the motorcycle performance whilst in use, and indicate an issue through the malfunction indicator light (MIL)

One of the key changes Euro 5 legislation is the introduction of OBD Stage II monitoring systems. OEMs need to test their OBD systems to show they will effectively work when emissions levels of CO, THC and NOx pass a threshold limit, also known as OBD limit.

This legislation will come into effect for new vehicles in 2024 and existing vehicles in 2025.

CATAGEN can ensure you meet these new regulations using the OMEGA reactor to age your Catalysts all without an engine.

Platinum Group Metals (PGM) Thrifting

The services offered by CATAGEN provide powertrain engineers an insight into their aftertreatment systems in the following ways.

  • Detailed Chemical analysis: provides a detailed chemical breakdown of the aftertreatment device, focusing on key components such as the PGM and washcoat composition.
  • Reproducible Performance testing – provides the activity analysis of the aftertreatment part, giving an understanding of how well the part will perform.  This analysis conducted across the lifecycle of the aftertreatment device provides extremely valuable insight into not only what is in the part (PGM etc.) but how the specification is performing.
Packaging Optimisation

CATGEN can optimise the catalyst packaging within the aftertreatment system. The catalyst packaging is important within the aftertreatment system to understand the impact of flow and mixing on total conversion. It will also be important to understand the impact of differing lambda positioning for response to the different flow conditions.



Oxygen Storage Capacity (OSC ) Mapping

The CATAGEN OSC measurement procedure involves cycling the catalyst between lean and rich conditions, with full oxidation and reduction of the ceria at each condition. The OSC value is calculated through several different methods across both oxidation and reduction reactions, including analysis of the λ signals, analysis of raw emissions data and analysis of the reactant delivery. 

Measuring oxygen storage on a vehicle is often challenging as recorded data can have a wide measurement spread and is influenced by driving style, ECU mode, fuel type and exhaust mass flow amongst others. CATAGEN can replicate vehicle conditions as long as our partners can share the mass flow rate and engine out temperature at the measurement point on the vehicle. This allows for very strong correlation on OSC measurement between CATAGEN & our partners.

Catalyst Ageing without an engine


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