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We provide ageing services and testing to help motorcycle OEMs meet emissions targets faster and with higher accuracy and flexibility. Our process delivers accurate and reproducible outcomes for Full Useful Life (FUL), OBD Limits ageing and PGM Thrifting.

Motorcycle manufacturers all over the globe are facing emissions compliance challenges like never before. Emissions legislation is becoming ever more stringent putting increased pressure on OEM to maintain low costs and ensure profitability. The global shift to electrification has drastically pushed up rare metal costs and new legislation is raising the bar for engineers to be able to meet the challenge. 

We have devised a Roadmap to help you achieve new product launch deadlines and meet the emissions legislation.

Industry Challenges

One of the key changes Euro 5 legislation is the introduction of OBD Stage II monitoring systems. OEMs need to test their OBD systems to show they will effectively work when emissions levels of CO, THC and NOx pass a threshold limit, also known as OBD limit.

This legislation will come into effect for new vehicles in 2024 and existing vehicles in 2025.

CATAGEN can ensure you meet these new regulations using the OMEGA reactor to age your Catalysts all without an engine.


CATAGEN Becomes Official Supplier for DUCATI

As Ducati pushes the limits of performance and technology, CATAGEN has played a vital role in delivering aftertreatment systems which are known for their exceptional repeatability and reproducibility, helping Ducati create motorcycles that not only perform at their best but also comply with the demanding global emissions regulations.

Click on the map above to download or roadmap to help you achieve Euro 5b and OBD II

With an increasing focus on emissions compliance globally and the impact this has on motorcycle design and development, engineers must prepare for the changes in standards by 2024.

Here at CATAGEN, we can apply our expertise, knowledge and experience to help you meet the new motorcycle emissions regulations on time.

Having worked with multiple Motorcycle and Car OEMS ensuring they have achieved emissions certification and met all product launch deadlines. We have designed a road map giving you a step by step approach and vision for emission compliance.

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