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Using the OMEGA technology, CATAGEN can embed poisons/additives on aftertreatment system surfaces to understand the effect on emissions performance. We can replicate engine flow rates, temperatures, gas compositions and poison rates for any kind of engine (gasoline, diesel, hybrid, biofuels, etc).


  • Engine oil and fuel additives are thought to provide a wide range of benefits, from increase in lubrication to improvement of overall fuel economy. However, it is important that these additives are compatible with current emissions control systems.
  • An industry concern is the potential effect of additives on the aftertreatment system physicochemical properties and performance as a direct result of exposure to phosphorus and other poisons which are, either present in the additives, or form because of high temperatures decompositions
  • With stricter emissions regulations being implemented, additives and lubricants manufacturers are faced with the task of introducing lubricant systems that meet the challenges of the new legislation.


CATAGEN deliver advanced solutions to assess additives impact on systems performance through a unique testing methodology, metrics and data interpretation.  Using its OMEGA technology, CATAGEN can embed poisons/additives on the aftertreatment system surfaces to understand the effect on emissions performance.

A two-step procedure, ageing followed by poisoning, or a single-step procedure, simultaneous ageing and poisoning, can be implemented for either full system capability or individual bricks.​  Poison injection rates can be calculated to match an OEM requirements with a high level of delivery accuracy for the duration of testing.​

Additives or constituent additive compounds can be injected to understand cumulative or individual effects on aftertreatment system and emissions performance.​

The effects on performance can be studied using light-off tests (fast/slow), Lambda / Air Flow Ratio Sweep (AFR) and destructive testing.


We work with leading Fuel and Lubricants manufacturers to assess the performance of additives.  Tests include:

Characterisation tests – Light-Off Test (Fast / Slow), Oxygen Storage Capacity Test (OSC), Lambda Sweep and Space Velocity Sweep

Destructive tests – Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) , Transmission Election Microscopy (TEM), Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray diffraction, Brunauer Emmett Teller (BET)

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