CATAGEN gains two more accreditations by ATEEL and ECO Certifications

At CATAGEN, we are specialists in delivering aftertreatment testing and providing reproducible data solutions to some of the automotive industry’s most prominent brands. With a proven track record, we have successfully delivered Catalyst Ageing services to over 30 leading automotive manufacturers, aiding them in reducing development time, lowering costs, and ensuring emissions compliance.  

These certifications underscore CATAGEN’s ongoing commitment to excellence, compliance, and innovation in aftertreatment testing. By meeting the stringent standards set by VCA, Applus IDIADA, TÜV, ATEEL, and ECO Cert, CATAGEN reaffirms its dedication to quality assurance and regulatory compliance. 

About these certifications: 

UK Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) ensures compliance with safety, environmental, and performance standards for vehicles and automotive products in the UK. 

Applus IDIADA provides design, engineering, testing, and homologation services, often related to vehicle safety, performance, and regulatory compliance. 

TÜV offers testing, inspection, and certification services across various industries, including automotive, focusing on safety, quality, and environmental standards. 

ATEEL is an international organisation with expertise in the technical certification of motor vehicles and their components. 

ECO Cert specialises in environmental certifications and sustainability assessments, covering areas such as environmental management systems and carbon footprint assessments. 

CATAGEN’s expanded accreditation portfolio enhances its ability to serve partners worldwide with comprehensive aftertreatment testing. The certifications from leading organisations demonstrate CATAGEN’s readiness to meet the needs of industries such as Auto, Heavy Duty, Reformer Catalysts and Motorcycle.  

We are delighted to share our recent achievement of attaining accreditations by ATEEL, and ECO Certification. Furthermore, we proudly hold accreditations from the UK Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA), Applus IDIADA, and TÜV, boasting our commitment to excellence. 

Dr Kurtis Irwin

VP of Global Catalysis