Dr Kurtis Irwin named CATAGEN’s new VP of Global Catalysis 

Dr Kurtis Irwin, a former Principal Engineer at CATAGEN, has been promoted to VP of Global Catalysis.  

As VP of Global Catalysis, Kurtis will lead the catalyst testing business unit. His responsibilities will include having an oversight of the catalyst testing team, from a commercial and engineering aspect while continuing to support the strong innovative culture and healthy working environment, as well as developing a business strategy to ensure continual growth in support of our partners.  

“I have been incredibly impressed by Kurtis’s progress, determination, and warm character since joining CATAGEN. Kurtis has played an integral role in the growth and development of CATAGEN to date. I am excited about what this appointment means for Kurtis and CATAGEN and I look forward to the future.”

Dr Andrew Woods CEO and Co-Founder of CATAGEN. 

Kurtis is a graduate of Queens University, Belfast where he studied Mechanical Engineering, he went on to complete a PhD in Ageing mechanisms of three-way catalysts while beginning his career at CATAGEN.

Until now Kurtis has successfully managed diverse large-scale projects. He has created new procedures and initiatives to guarantee that the team’s skills and technology are developing as required to maintain CATAGEN’s consistently successful track record in the catalyst emissions testing sector using OMEGA technology. He is an expert in this field and continues to develop his skillset, experience, and knowledge. 

Kurtis received the UKRI (UK Research and Innovation) Future Leaders Fellowship in 2021, which has allowed him to conduct research focusing on the motorcycle industry and how he could assist OEMs with upcoming emission legislation changes and provide cost-effective solutions.As part of this award, Kurtis attended MIT- Massachusetts Institute of Technology to take part in the Entrepreneurship Development Programme which encouraged him to think about strategies on how to scale and grow using both present and future technologies.