CATAGEN is proud to announce that it has received regulatory approval from TÜV Hessen for its Exhaust Aftertreatment Ageing Devices. This is the latest international accreditation for CATAGEN, alongside the Vehicle Certification Agency and Applus IDIADA and a major endorsement for CATAGEN who provide best-in-class emissions testing to leading auto, motorcycle, heavy duty and catalyst manufacturers around the globe. 

TÜV Hessen is an association of independent companies that test, inspect, and certify technologies, products, and systems to ensure potential hazards and prevent damages. It is a globally recognised standard for excellence that provides a company’s customers peace of mind. The entire process to achieve TÜV certification is a comprehensive journey that involves multiple steps; including the identification of statutory regulations, assessment by qualified trainers, selection of methodology and examination approach, and development of examinations with expert examiners in their fields. 

Thomas Eager, Head of Operations at CATAGEN said “This accreditation is yet further global recognition for the high-quality service provided at CATAGEN. To receive this from an industry leader in aftertreatment services, such as TÜV Hessen, is a huge achievement for all the team here at CATAGEN. Our technology offering, proprietary toolset and constant process quality control have been approved to the highest standards enabling CATAGEN to provide assured, best in class services.” 

CATAGEN is a specialist in delivering aftertreatment testing and reproducible data to its partners. Its unique OMEGA technology can reproducibly replicate engine flow rates, temperatures and gas compositions for the following configurations: Standard gasoline or diesel; Hybrid powertrains; E-Fuels, hydrogen combustion, biofuels, ethanol engines or natural gas engines. Its unrivalled expertise through its research, software and patented testing technology provides the ability to turnaround projects in 4 to 6 weeks with industry leading levels of reproducibility. This provides OEMs with up to 30% cost savings in terms of energy efficiency (fuel reduction) and being right first time. 

Increasing global legislation around emissions means the challenge facing OEMs is ever more critical as is the penalty for falling short of their obligations. Our OEM partners can be assured that CATAGEN will deliver services to meet international standards and help provide vehicles that exceed their specific legislative requirements. Not only do we help the OEM reduce the level of emissions in their vehicles but we have significantly decarbonized the testing process at the CATAGEN facility by reducing CO2 emissions by 98% using renewable energy sources. This helps our partners meet their ESG goals. 

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