This month Matthew McVitty, Revenue Manager at CATAGEN flew to Poland to attend the SAE’s annual Powertrains, Fuels & Lubricants Conference & Exhibition (PF& L). The conference brings OEMs, suppliers, researchers, engineers, government officials, academia, and others from around the world together to discuss the most promising new propulsion/powertrain-related technologies for both light- medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, including;

  • General powertrain development
  • Advanced internal combustion technology
  • Exhaust, aftertreatment & emissions
  • Global emissions regulations
  • Fuels & lubricants
  • New engines components, actuators & sensors
  • Fuel cells
  • Hybrid & electric powertrains
  • Transmissions & driveline technology


 We caught up with Matthew to find out more:

Q1. What was the SAE F& L conference ?

The SAE Powertrain, Fuels & Lubricants is a conference and exhibition discussing new technology that could have an impact on our industry and for us at Catagen in particular, an impact on emissions performance

Q2 why was it important to attend ?

I think it is important to attend this event for a couple of reasons, the first being to further enhance our knowledge within the industry on tailpipe emissions technology. Secondly it’s important to build relationships within the industry with our peers who are also aligned with our values and purpose.

Q3 What was the benefits or most enjoyable thing about attending the conference?  

The most enjoyable thing is building the network and understand others challenges while also gaining knowledge about our own challenges. It’s also very enjoyable when the conference was in a city like Krakow.

Q4 What was a key takeaway from the conference?

 A Key take away from the conference is that it will take a blend of technologies to decarbonise the automotive industry, we cannot rely on one tech.

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