CATAGEN has launched a series of webinars which will take place every 6 weeks.  Our second webinar of 2022 will be on OBD Ageing – How to hit the target.

In this webinar, the CATAGEN team will discuss:

o Relating OSC to tailpipe emission
o Understanding the difference of Full Useful Life to OBD II
o Meeting OBD legislative targets

Q&A with Dr Kurtis Irwin, Principal Engineer and Liam McGrane, Senior Engineer at CATAGEN.


Dr Kurtis Irwin
Principal Engineer

Kurtis is an experienced Principal Engineer specialising in aftertreatment systems and catalysis, with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University Belfast. Awarded Innovate UK Future Leaders Fellowship.

Liam McGrane
Senior Engineer

Liam is a Senior Engineer and has been working for CATAGEN for 4 years. He is currently undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) focused on the Characterisation of Automotive Catalysts from Queen’s University Belfast. Liam has written and presented numerous papers on Catalyst Ageing and has presented at conferences in Italy and America.