Rooted in Renewability

ClimaHtech is an acceleration system towards decarbonisation using advanced climate technologies.

One Mission – to clean and decarbonise the air

ClimaHtech is an acceleration system toward decarbonisation using advanced climate technologies.  

ClimaHtech is a platform to generate green hydrogen, bio-hydrogen and gHreen e-fuels with complementary carbon capture and hydrogen compression systems.

Clean green hydrogen energy production.

Low carbon bio-hydrogen from a waste biomass source.

A net zero direct drop-in fuel replacement.

Hybrid pumping system for hydrogen storage.

Carbon dioxide capture from industrial processes.

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Powering a greener future


“Climate change affects everything. It’s shaping cities, economies, landscapes, how we move and how we live. We are creating new technologies that clean and decarbonise the air, applying our innovations to decarbonising challenging sectors such as industry, shipping, and aviation. We are committed to finding a collective solution that will cut CO2 emissions and enable a move away from fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources.” – Dr Andrew Woods

Catagen collaboratess with Mannok

“We are very excited to be working with the CATAGEN team, who have demonstrated a deep level of technical ability and competency during the feasibility work.

I have no doubt that Mannok will derive significant value from the work already completed, with many new opportunities for collaboration now presenting that we would not have considered before.

Achieving Net Zero is now the primary goal for our business and I expect CATAGEN will play a significant role in our achieving that goal, which we expect will have major benefits for the sector overall.”

Kevin Lunney, Ops Director at Mannok Holdings DAC

Designed for Industry. Multiple Benefits.

More Energy Efficient

locking up efficiencies at every stage

Cost Competitive

scales differently to other technologies such as electrolysers

Utilises Waste Heat

to reduce total renewable energy input

Supply Chain

utilises CATAGEN’s existing supply chain and processes to cut complexity

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